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Is eBay Inc Killing Two Critics With One Stone for Seller Hubcapjoes?

eBayisajoke   08/10/2013    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!

Considering all the cyber terrorism that has been going on over at YouTube I’m beginning to think that’s the case. eBayisaJoke and I are eBay Critics that have been a thorn in eBay’s side for a long time. Ed Koon (EBMS Critic) started documenting eBay Motors phishing car scams back… Read more »

CrazeeNyDriver Home Address Outed By Private Investigator and eBayisaJoke!

eBayisajoke   02/03/2014    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!
The Home of Joseph DeMarco

eBayisaJoke has sworn to get revenge for CrazeeNyDriver for putting him in Rob Walckek’s hall of shame TV show. Joseph DeMarco AKA YouTube cyberbully and cyberstalker has been harassing Ebayisajoke, eBay/PayPal critic for quite some time now through the help of a couple of his friends. Scott Henshaw, Jason Decanio… Read more »

The Jason DeCanio Show Exposed As Hatred And Lies

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The Jason DeCanio Show Exposed

Jason DeCanio says he want’s no part of this feud between team eBay Inc and eBayisaJoke but continues to instigate trouble. Recently eBayisaJoke made this blog post in response to Spokonzaga Pete’s drunken coked up rage video. Insane In The Membrane Spokonzaga Pete YouTube Insanity. To which Jason DeCanio promptly… Read more »

eBay Spokesperson Spokonzaga Pete In A Cocaine Induced Rant

eBayisajoke   12/20/2013    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!
Spokonzaga Pete Cocaine Addict?

It must have been a good combination of whacked up Cocaine and Cheap Booze that Team eBay Inc’s Spokesperson Spokonzaga Pete was on when he produced this idiotic rant on YouTube late last night. As i have said many times.. Put your Money where Your Mouth Is! Making blind accusations… Read more »

Is CrazeeNyDriver Suicidal Over Loss Of YouTube Account?

eBayisajoke   12/19/2013    Like my Article?    $3 Bucks!
Is CrazeeNyDriver Suicidal Over Loosing His YouTube Account?

Looks like this Team eBay YouTube Feud between Joseph DeMarco AKA CrazeeNyDriver and eBay seller HubcapJoes has taken a turn for the worse. Recently SpokonzaPete published another video accusing eBayisaJoke of using YouTube as his personal Phishing Ground, among the usual statements calling eBaysaJoke a scammer, identity thief, and criminal…. Read more »