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eBayisaJoke Bitch Slapps ChunkyFitch101 eBay Motors UK

eBayisajoke   08/29/2013   Comments Off on eBayisaJoke Bitch Slapps ChunkyFitch101 eBay Motors UK
ChunkyFitch101 Bitch Slapped By eBayisaJoke

The said leader of Team eBay UK just got Royally Bitch Slapped by eBayisaJoke. Since ole Rob Wolcheck aired his story about eBayisaJoke team eBay has been uploading it to literally hundreds of “Stealth YouTube Accounts.” ChunkyFitch101 was especially proud of his copy of this “Copyrighted Fox News Video” as… Read more »

Podcast: Doc And eBayIsAJoke Discuss eBay & CrazeeNyDriver

doc and ebayisajoke podcast

This is a recorded conversation between Doc and a YouTube personality know as eBayIsAJoke on 07/27/2013 We discuss eBay and CrazeeNyDriver, SpokonZaga Pete, Jason Decanio, and a few other alleged eBay corporate shills that are stalking and cyberbullying non eBay cheerleaders on YouTube. It is common knowledge that SpokonZaga Pete… Read more »

Is eBay’s Shill & Sock Puppet Team Behind YouTube Censorship?

YouTube Video Flagging And Censorship ~ Is Team eBay Behind This?

After uploading a seemingly harmless video to our teams YouTube channel last night it was flagged and pulled in less that an hours time. I don’t think it was inappropriate and certainly nothing worse that some of the videos i have seen on YouTube.  To flag a video this fast… Read more »

Podcast: Jason Decanio Interviews CrazeeNyDriver 04/24/2013

ChuckFitchScammer.com Website Screen Capture Of Jason Decanio's Interview With Joseph DeMarco AKA CrazeeNyDriver

Jason Decanio Interviews Joseph DeMarco AKA CrazeeNyDriver on 04/24/2013 via his talk radio show “whats on your mind” episode #15. In this authors sole opinion, this situation all boils down to eBay via an admitted employee SpokonZaga Pete on YouTube, along with many alleged Sock Puppet accounts is trying to… Read more »

CrazeeNyDriver AKA eBay HubCapJoes Threatens EbayisaJoke

eBayisajoke   07/26/2013   Comments Off on CrazeeNyDriver AKA eBay HubCapJoes Threatens EbayisaJoke
HubCapJoes Depiction Of eBayIsAJoke

Delusional CrazeeNyDriver AKA eBay TRS Hubcapjoes threatens eBayIsAJoke in his videos telling people he’s going to have him brought up on charges of cyberbullying and cyberstalking and thrown in jail. This is hereby referred to as the four “D” syndrome, he is disturbed, deranged, delusional, and demented. Disturbed means he… Read more »