ChunkyFitch101 Bitch Slapped By eBayisaJoke

eBayisaJoke Bitch Slapps ChunkyFitch101 eBay Motors UK

ChunkyFitch101 Bitch Slapped By eBayisaJokeThe said leader of Team eBay UK just got Royally Bitch Slapped by eBayisaJoke.

Since ole Rob Wolcheck aired his story about eBayisaJoke team eBay has been uploading it to literally hundreds of “Stealth YouTube Accounts.” ChunkyFitch101 was especially proud of his copy of this “Copyrighted Fox News Video” as it reached somewhere around 60k views.

Fox News has no clue how much abuse has been done to their video, but maybe now they and Rob Wolckeck will see the kind of people they assisted by his actions.

It’s one thing to bust Detroit auto workers drinking and smoking pot as they haphazardly assembled automobiles on Chrysler’s assembly line, and other articles where contractors were ripping off consumers. But to take the word of Joseph DeMarco AKA eBay TRS HubcapJoes and an admitted eBay Shill by the name of SpokonZaga Pete. Wolcheck never contacted eBay Inc to see if Joseph DeMarco was telling the truth.

There is such a thing as a privacy complaint on YouTube. Wolckeck’s video showed eBayisaJokes face and that is how TV news does things. But a 3rd party stealing MyFox Detroit’s video and uploading it to YouTube violated their copyright and especially their privacy policy.

eBayisaJoke tells me he has already had around 50 illegal copies of Fox News video removed from team eBay’s Stealth YouTube Harassment Accounts.

Oh well such is life i guess.. What comes around goes around.. :lol:

YouTube personal message by Team eBay stalker PopGoesChickAbout the Author: I am an eBay critic thats been documenting eBay scams since 2006. I took this website over from the original owner that runs because he fealt the need to move on. The articles before 2/3/2014 on this site were written by him and not by Ebayisajoke.


Doc started documenting this situation after being attacked on YouTube. Nasty comments were placed on his videos and he was sent threatening vulgar pm's. It appears a group that calls themselves Team eBay headed up by Joseph DeMarco an eBay top rated seller is behind these acts of YouTube cyber terrorism archived on this website. It is also alleged that Lithium Technologies Inc is manipulating the message using SuperFans defending their client eBay Inc. So the big question remains: Is eBay INC trying to kill TWO Critics with one stone?


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