The said leader of Team eBay UK just got Royally Bitch Slapped by eBayisaJoke.

Since ole Rob Wolcheck aired his story about eBayisaJoke team eBay has been uploading it to literally hundreds of “Stealth YouTube Accounts.” ChunkyFitch101 was especially proud of his copy of this “Copyrighted Fox News Video” as… Continue reading

This is a recorded conversation between Doc and a YouTube personality know as eBayIsAJoke on 07/27/2013

We discuss eBay and CrazeeNyDriver, SpokonZaga Pete, Jason Decanio, and a few other alleged eBay corporate shills that are stalking and cyberbullying non eBay cheerleaders on YouTube.

It is common knowledge that SpokonZaga Pete… Continue reading

HubCapJoes Depiction Of eBayIsAJoke

Delusional CrazeeNyDriver AKA eBay TRS Hubcapjoes threatens eBayIsAJoke in his videos telling people he’s going to have him brought up on charges of cyberbullying and cyberstalking and thrown in jail.

This is hereby referred to as the four “D” syndrome, he is disturbed, deranged, delusional, and… Continue reading

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